International Award for two products of Aggelakis SA

Two of the products of AGGELAKIS Company, “The OliVchicken” and “The Villager’s Chicken”, received a 2 Star Highest Taste Award at this year’s INTERNATIONAL TASTE INSTITUTE EVENT in Brussels.

The Institute’s board consists of high profile Chef & Sommelier, such as Ferran Centelles, Head Sommelier at El Bulli Foundation, Manuel Jimenez, Spain’s Best Sommelier 2017, Alain Nonnet, with 2 Michelin stars for 36 years, Gaetano Raguni, winner of Italy Bocuse d ‘Or 2017, Alan Coxon, British Food / Beverage Ambassador and presenter on BBC TV, Cristina Figueira, with 1 Michelin star.

“ The OliVchicken” is the only chicken that is fed with 100% plant-based feed, containing vitamins and trace elements, of which 55% is corn and 2% olive oil. In addition to its exceptional taste, its meat is a rich source of Selenium, a trace element with beneficial properties for our body.

“The Villager’s Chicken” is a special farming chicken,  that with its tender and sweet taste brings to our table memories of another era. The products were rated based on the  parameters of 1st impression, taste, smell, texture and image and received a total score greater than 85%.

“We are very pleased with the awards, which reward our dedication to producing quality and innovative products. Especially ,for  the OliVchicken is the 2nd International award in less than 1 year. We believe that this distinction will contribute to the success of product exports that have already begun in Europe and are expected to expand in 2019 to countries outside the EU. “

Elena Karagianni
Marketing Director