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Α/ The Legal Agreement that follows, governs the use of the website by you.
As a result, it is important to read and understand the following terms before you visit the present website. In the event you do not agree, then do not use this website at all; if you do visit it, then it is assumed that you agree and accept all the terms herein.

By visiting the present website you accept that you are exclusively and personally liable for this. AGGELAKIS S.A.  as well as those involved in the creation, production or delivery of the present website, are not liable for any immediate, possible, incidental, indirect, or  consequential damages resulting either from your access to the present website or from your use of it.

Β/ Copyright and Industrial property
the present website is created to inform you, educate you and communicate with you. As a result, you are allowed to use the material appearing on this website, not for commercial but for personal use, only. The content of the present website, including the distinct titles, trademarks, images, graphics, designs, texts, names, audiovisual files or any other files, are the intellectual property of AGGELAKIS S.A. or even of third parties, and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek, European and International Law on trademarks, industrial and intellectual property as well as illegal competition. As a result, copy, reproduction, republication, storage, reedition, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission, or any other use of the content herein, are strictly forbidden, without the prior consent of AGGELAKIS S.A. The user/visitor accepts that the entire content of the pages of the present website is a registered content or trademark or intellectual property product of AGGELAKIS S.A. or even of third parties; as a result, non-authorized use may lead to legal sanctions.

C/ General use of the website
It is not compulsory for the user/visitor to input their personal data in order to use the website, unless they wish to submit some question, make a remark or suggestion to AGGELAKIS S.A., in which case, they should fill in the special communication form of the website with the data requested by the form, that is, the name, surname, email address and phone number.

D/ Personal  Data protection policy – Acceptance of Political Data Protection policy
Recognizing the importance of personal data safety and protection, AGGELAKIS S.A. takes all the proper organizational and technical measures using the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure maximum safety. All your personal data, which you may communicate to us by visiting our website,, are confidential and inviolable. Protection and management of your personal data shall take place in respect of the guarantees provided by relevant legislation and in particular, or L. 2472/1997 as it was amended and in force.  In no case shall AGGELAKIS S.A. publish them unless you provide the company with your written authorization or of this is imposed by a court decision or by the decision made by any other public authority. People employed by AGGELAKIS S.A., having access to your personal data, are professionally qualified and equipped with technical skills and personal integrity to guarantee that confidentiality shall be observed.

The present website keeps records of the personal data you send, for communication and statistical reasons exclusively, as well as in order to improve services provided, and it is allowed to process these data, for these purposes, only.

In the event you do not agree with the present data protection terms, you should not provide your personal data.

Ε/ Obligations of the User/Visitor
The user/visitor of the present website should, on one hand, comply with the regulations and provisions in force of the Greek, European and International Law on telecommunications, and, on the other hand, behave well and nicely when visiting the present website, including, but not limited to the following: the user/visitor of is not allowed to publish or transmit to the present website any pornographic, indecent,  libelous, insulting, threatening, illegal or other material that could constitute a criminal offense or cause civil liability or, in general, violate any legal provision.

Any damages caused to this website by the user/visitor’s actions of bad or illegal use of it, are charged to the latter, exclusively.

The user/visitor shall be liable for any damage or cost incurred for AGGELAKIS S.A. from their illegal use of the present website.

F/Exemption from Liability
AGGELAKIS S.A. makes every possible effort, without being able to guarantee this and without, consequentially, being liable for it, so that all information and content included in the website,, may be governed by maximum accuracy, clarity and integrity.

AGGELAKIS S.A. cannot guarantee the uninterruptible operation of and bears no responsibility about any technical or other failure of its use.

AGGELAKIS S.A. cannot guarantee that the website shall be free from potential losses, wear, attacks, virus, interferences, hacking or any other illegal invasion to safety; the incidents are considered to be Force Majeure and  AGGELAKIS S.A. declines all liability.

AGGELAKIS S.A. is not liable to the user/visitor about any hacking material displayed on their site,, that may be insulting, indecent or incongruous.

G/ Modification of terms
AGGELAKIS S.A. reserves the right to modify, supplement, revise or review the present terms whenever necessary and for whichever reason without any prior announcement or notice. Such modifications, additional terms and conditions, shall have immediate force and shall form an integral part of the present Agreement.  This is the reason why, the user/visitor of the present website should be checking the terms of use, regularly, for possible changes.

H/ Cookies

AGGELAKIS S.A. is entitled to use cookies in order for the website to function properly, but also to facilitate the operations of its services. Cookies are small files sent and kept on the user’s computer, not causing any damage at all. The user/visitor, may make adjustments to their server in order to be notified about the use of cookies in specific pages/services of the present website and to be given the possibility not to allow their use.

Ι/ Miscellaneous
The Agreement of Use of the present Website is governed by the relevant provisions of the Greek, European and International law and shall be construed on the basis of good faith and  customary business rules.

The headings of the paragraphs (i.e. “Miscellaneous”) are only provided to assist and do not form part nor affect the interpretation of the present Agreement.

In the event some provision is judged to be contrary to the law and, as a result, null or void, it rightfully ceases to be valid, without, however, affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

Chalkis Courts are competent to settle any differences resulting from the present Agreement.