Located near Dirfis mountain in Central Euboea

In one of the plateaus of Mountain Dirfys, in Central Evia, our Poultry slaughterhouse is located in nature, in a building fully harmonized with the natural landscape.
Our company, being fully vertically integrated, owns the following productive units:

  • A production plant of animal feed of 100% plant-based origin (wheat, corn, soya)
  • Private closed-type poultry farm, in the broader region of Evia, of 4 million birds capacity annually
  • A modern poultry slaughterhouse with cutting-edge equipment and automated cutting plant.
  • A fleet of refrigerated lorries with temperature recording providing information every 2΄. Temperature recording is monitored by satellite.

The ongoing and carefully designed investments in facilities and equipment modernization are absolutely necessary to boost the business’s competitiveness. Therefore, the company invests both in the renewal of its building and engineering infrastructure and in the training of its peoples, with regard to the optimization of procedures.