Bulk Packaging

Aggelakis Poultry Products
Ολόκληρο Κοτόπουλο

Chicken Broilers

Στήθος Κοτόπουλου

Chicken Breast

Φιλέτο Μπούτι Κοτόπουλου

Chicken Thigh Meat

Εντόσθια Κοτόπουλου

Chicken Giblets

Ολόκληρο Κοτόπουλο

Chicken Grillers

Φιλέτο Στήθος Κοτόπουλου

Chicken Breast Fillet

Κοπανάκι Κοτόπουλο

Chicken Drumsticks

Ρολό Κοτόπουλου

Handmade Stuffed Fresh Chicken Rolls

Μπούτι Κοτόπουλου

Chicken Leg Quarter

Φτερούγες Κοτόπουλου

Chicken 3 joint Wings

Ατομικό Ρολό Κοτόπουλου

Mini Handmade Stuffed Chicken Rolls

Σουβλάκι Κοτόπουλο Νωπό

Handmade Chicken Skewer with Green Pepper

Bulk Packaging

Either whole, cut in portions, marinated, prepared in a roulade, or threaded on skewers, the quality of Aggelakis chicken is always the same!

If you are looking for the best quality for your customers, we can definitely offer it to you.

Apart from the excellent quality of our products that will satisfy even the most demanding palate, we provide our services with consistency and readiness, something that has helped us establish a successful and long-lasting cooperation with many customers.