The Quality Policy of Aggelakis Industrial & Poultry SA is principally consisted of the complete satisfaction of every client at his first time and the continuous improvement of satisfaction level of our clients.

For this purpose, we choose with responsibility our suppliers, we care for our products production, storage and transportation conditions, according to the international policies, we invest in the continuous staff information and training, when we alongside developed and apply a Management System of Food Quality & Safety, which is harmonized with International Standards and Specifications.

All of us, the Board Members, the Executives and, in general, the staff of Aggelakis Industrial & Poultry SA, due to our belief in continuous improvement, we commit ourselves to the following targets:

  1. The application and the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.
  2. Ensure the food hygiene and safety, through the application and the continuous improvement of the management system.
  3. Non-use of GMO’s.
  4. The continuous staff training, in order to achieve a high level of expertise and everyone be aware of quality issues.
  5. The continuous improvement of our actions.
  6. The continuous satisfaction of our clients.
  7. Ensure all the necessary resources for the improvement of the facilities and the equipment.
  8. The measurement of relevant indexes and the adoption of higher and higher targets.
  9. The Board commitment for harmonization with the National and the European legislation.

We strongly believe that all the above result not only in the best performance of the company in the market, but for an honor and satisfaction feeling for anyone of us, Board Members, Executives and Staff, who work for the progress of Aggelakis Industrial & Poultry SA.




President, CEO

Thanos Aggelakis