AGGELAKIS SA official guest at the World Soybean Congress in the USA

AGGELAKIS SA spokesman participated at the World Soybean Conference, following a formal invitation from the US SOYBEAN EXPORT COUNCIL

The conference, which was held in Chicago, USA, from August 19 to August 23, 2019, brought together 800 guests from 53 countries, with Aggelakis SA being the only guest from our country.
Aggelakis SA, in its research for sustainable raw materials for chicken nutrition, enhancing environmental protection, responded with interest to the USSEC call, as 96% of American soybean is sourced from sustainable crops.

Through sustainable cultivation since 1980, the following have been achieved:
• 41% less gas emissions
• 42% less energy consumption
• 66% less soil erosion

Sustainable development is a goal for any company that wants to protect the environment and help reduce the climate change. Modern businesses must ensure the production of affordable food, while looking at how this production affects the environment.

“Our invitation to participate in this conference, attended by giants of the primary sector at international level, is the result of our consistent strategy for quality, innovation and development, while also being responsible for the protection of the environment. From our participation we have gained very useful and important information on the international environment and trends in the international food market. It gives us the pleasure of participating in any action that brings us one step closer to our goals of sustainable development with an international focus. ”

Mr. Thanos Aggelakis
Managing Director

Few Words for AGGELAKIS SA
The Aggelakis family started its poultry farming in 1962. By maintaining the values of traditional poultry farming, the family-owned company has grown zealously and passionately into a modern and integrated chicken production unit. The new generation of the Aggelakis family, gives dynamism to the business development, preserving the family principles and values, under the Aggelakis name. A knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.
Today, Aggelakis SA, based in Pournos, Evia, employs more than 200 employees, collaborates with the largest Super Market chains, has long-standing partnerships with catering companies, and is exporting to more than 10 countries.