Learn the parts of a Chicken
Chicken Anatomy

Chicken anatomy

Whole chicken which consists of breast, thigh, wings, neck and back. It may contain one liver, one stomach and one heart. It is ideal for oven or even for soup and stews, if cut in parts.

Chicken Recipes

The whole chicken breast with bones and skin. The bone has a characteristic boat keel shape. The meat is white and low in fat.

It is ideal for oven, pot and pan. Especially recommended for oven cooking in parchment paper to keep juicy.

Chicken Breast Recipes

The breast of the chicken without bone and skin. The lowest in fat piece of chicken. Its meat is white and coherent.

Recommended for people who follow a special diet with high protein and low fat. Its use is unlimited, from snacks and risotto to cooked meals and sauces.

Chicken Breast Fillet Recipes

Each chicken has two legs which in turn are divided into the Thigh and Drumstick via a clavicle. The leg includes bone and skin. Its flesh is characteristic pink and is more juicy and fatty than the chest.

Chicken Leg Recipes

The leg fillet is the thigh without bone and skin. It is the most juicy piece of chicken and recommended for every use.

Chicken Thigh Fillet Recipes

The drumstick has the look of a drum baguette. It’s the children’s favorite part, while it is better enjoyed eating by hand. Recommended for frying, oven baking and cooked meals.

Chicken Drumstick Recipes

The most disputable chicken part. While for some is not their favorite part, others just can’t have enough. It clearly has the most dedicated fans that will not miss a chance to taste it breaded, barbequed or cooked in any way.

Chicken Wings Recipes

It is a fine delicacy. Because of its content in fat is ideal for gravies, soups and stews as it offers extra flavor.