Chicken Burger

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Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Homemade Burger from AGGELAKIS fresh chicken meat and pure ingredients, a secret recipe by Ms Panagiota AGGELAKIS; it is precooked.

Ingredients: chicken meat, bread crumbles, onion, salt, spices

Indicative weight: 550gr


  • In a preheated oven: place a sheet of parchment paper on the pan and bake for 20′ in 180˚C.
  • In a non-stick frying pan: pour some water and 1 teaspoon of oil; bake for 20′ in medium temperature. Half way, turn the burgers over.

Useful Information

  • For our chicken burgers we use minced meat from the chicken filet, as it is the most succulent part of the chicken.
  • The meat and the natural ingredients, i.e. bread, fresh tomato huice, spices are squished using hands and the Secret Recipe of Ms Panagiota AGGELAKIS.
  • No preservatives, no flavor additives.
  • Just bake for 20΄since the product is precooked.
  • Calories per 100gr: 196cal (819kJ)

Διαθρεπτικά Στοιχεία

Energy 190kcal/820kj
* A portion of 100g contains


The products can be preserved at 0-4˚C until the expiration date displayed on the packaging.

For a longer storage period, store the product in the freezer compartment. To prepare a meal, defrost it by placing it in the refrigerator for 24 hours so that it thaws slowly. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

Attention: To ensure safe storage of the product in the freezer for 1 month, you should store it three days after its production date at the latest.

Label information contains the following

  • Product name
  • Facility approval code
  • The indication that reads «fed with 100% vegetable feed, Vitamins & Trace elements», followed by an Agrocert Certification No
  • The Indication that reads «fed with 2% olive oil» followed by an Agrocert Certification No
  • slaughter date
  • expiration date
  • packaging weight
  • The breeding chamber No


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