Thomas Mazarakis

Thomas Mazarakis

Thomas Mazarakis was born in 1972 in Chalkida. He is graduate from the Faculty of Philosophy-Education-Psychology of Athens University with major in Psychology. He is also a holder of a postgraduate title in Human Resources Management specializing in Work Psychology from Leeds University in England; He is a PhD Candidate in Organizational Psychology in the Sector of Psychology of Athens University.

He is registered in the rapporteurs’ registry of OAED-LAEK (Manpower Employment Organization) programmes and has served as rapporteur at undergraduate and postgraduate level of Organizational Psychology courses, in higher public and private educational institutes.

”The environment is dynamic and this fact renders continuing training necessary”, he mentions.

He started working for Aggelakis company back in 1997; at that time, in parallel to his academic career, he took over the supervision of Human Resources department, as an external advisor, the planning, the elaboration, the implementation and the monitoring of various projects as an integral part of the corporate strategy and administration.