Why prefer an AGGELAKIS chicken

Why prefer an AGGELAKIS chicken

AGGELAKIS S.A. is a family business producing chicken for over 50 years now with love and respect for the Greek consumers and not just them.
The company cooperates with large super market chains and specializes in the industry of differentiated products.

AGGELAKIS S.A. owns farming facilities in the mountainous area of Euboea and employs specialized human resources who attend them and ensure quality.


Quality in chicken is ensured by:

  • Using plant-based feed such as wheat, corn, soya and by having an Agrocert certification
  • Selecting excellent cereals to feed the poultry
  • Ensuring ideal temperature and hygiene conditions for the poultry, in compliance with the European Regulation promoting animal welfare


Safety in chicken is ensured by:

  • Undertaking 24/7 supervision and constant veterinary checks throughout the poultry industry
  • Observing the quality standards ISO.9001 and ISO.22000


The taste of the chicken is intrinsically linked to its diet. AGGELAKIS selects only the best feed for its poultry. Chicken grow up naturally in ideal conditions. This, combined to the constant care, gives to AGGELAKIS chicken the following properties:

  • It is very tasty no matter how you cook it
  • It is tender
  • It does not stick to the teeth
  • It does not smell unpleasantly when boiling
  • It is not greasy
  • It is pleasant to eat even if it is cold

AGGELAKIS S.A. keeps presenting propositions in order to cover the changing consumers’ needs. To this purpose, it creates new ready-to-cook products, respecting the company philosophy.

As a result, authentic ingredients are exclusively used for the ready-to-cook products, as for any home cooked meal. The ingredients used by AGGELAKIS do not contain unknown words and code names, but fresh tomatoes, kneaded bread, spices, and the best parts of AGGELAKIS chicken.