Presentation of a renewed company profile

Presentation of a renewed company profile
Παρουσίαση της Ανανεωμένης Εταιρικής Ταυτότητας στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη

Presentation of the renewed company profile

The official presentation of the renewed company profile of AGGELAKIS S.A. was held at Benakis Museum in Kolonaki, Athens, in the presence of journalists from all the mass media, representatives of the business world and associates.

One of the most important painters in Greece, Alekos FASIANOS who honored the event with his presence, designed the new logo of AGGELAKIS S.A. giving new color and form to the image of a company with a long history in the sector of the aviculture as well as a vision for the future.

The CEO of AGGELAKIS S.A., Thanos AGGELAKIS highlighted:

As a business we never had a technocratic, dry and sterile approach of our activity. As a painter expresses himself through the colors and creates images, we also leave our imprint, on a daily basis, express ourselves and create. Through Alekos FASIANOS’ brush, art was acquainted with the taste and quality we always make sure to provide to the consumers.

Eftychis BLETSAS, presenter of the successful TV show “Mum’s kitchen” participated in the panel and declared: “In my travels, I have come to know and cook many chicken recipes: festive, dietetic, delicious! Once upon a time chicken lived inside the Greek houses and required the owner’s attendance. Nowadays, serious companies with a history in the field, ensure abundant and quality chicken in our refrigerator whenever we feel like it”. Eftychis BLETSAS also gave some interesting ideas for unusual recipes from around the world with chicken as the star ingredient.

On her side, Anna PAPAGEORGIOU, clinical dietitian-nutritionist said that: “the chicken, due to the necessary nutrients it is offering to us, contributes enormously to our daily diet”.  She also gave invaluable advice about combining chicken with the remaining food groups, focusing at the role of the chicken in the efforts to lose weight. The chicken is one of the main meals for athletes but also for children who must be fed properly in order to avoid the frequent incidence of child obesity which is observed in our times.